What I read while researching novels about the ultra-Orthodox

Jewish Book Council, March 16, 2015

Recommendations for books, articles and radio reports that helped me research my first novel, Invisible City, and its upcoming sequel, Run You Down. I hope they deepen your enjoyment of my books, spur discussion, and contribute to better understanding your fellow Jews.

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“Are you Jewish?”

Jewish Book Council, May 9, 2014

Yes. But it’s complicated. My mother is Jewish, which, as my grandmother used to tell me, means that the Nazis would have come for me, too. My dad, on the other hand, is Christian. And not just a Christmas Christian, he is a church-going Christian; a Christian who left his career as a lawyer to be ordained when he was 55. A Christian who wears a cross around his neck. My sister and I grew up “both.”

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The Previous Tenant

Jewish Book Council, May 8, 2014

In October 2007, my husband and I were looking for an apartment in Brooklyn. We’d seen too many to count and none worth the price, so when a one-bedroom just off Prospect Park popped up for $1200 we jumped. On the way to the appointment, the broker gave us the news: The man who lived in the apartment until last month had committed suicide there.

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Why I Write About Crime

Jewish Book Council, May 5, 2014

For the past 10 years I have devoted my professional life – and my imagination – to things most people would rather not think about.

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The Lives of Others

The Columbia Journalism Review, July 16, 2009

The story of my involvement with Tyeisha Martin, a Katrina survivor and murder victim. Watch Tyeisha’s America’s Most Wanted episode.  Listen to me speak about Tyeisha on NPR’s “On the Media.”

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My Killer Apartment

The Morning News, October 30, 2008

Stories of slammed doors and sad spirits aside, the man who committed suicide in Julia Dahl’s apartment probably isn’t there anymore. Probably.

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Is Tyra Banks Racist?

Slate, May 19, 2006

The peculiar politics of “America’s Next Top Model”

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